Thursday, May 21, 2015

In My Garden // What I Planted

I feel like I wait for Spring every year, not because of the weather but because it's time to plant everything in the garden. My love for gardening started at a young age seeing my grandma's garden an being able to pick tomatoes and eat them like apples. When I got a little bit older I had a planting kit that was baby plants of herbs. A few years later I began growing my own pumpkins. It was so fun to watch everything grow and have all of these amazing pumpkins.

Once I moved down to North Carolina I was so excited to finally have a yard that I could plant things in. Last year most of my plants did so well! I think growing fruit and vegetables in the clay really helps to keep them drained. I also couldn't believe how many cucumbers grew off of my three pickling cucumber plants.

The herbs in the pots bloom really well. It helps keep them to a confined space other wise your mint will grow like a weed! My jalapeño plant did grow some papers, but not nearly enough to pickle them and they didn't grow to be as big as I had hoped. I also planted a banana pepper plant that never had any peppers. The one thing I am seeing finally bloom is my lavender plant. I tok several pictures of it to share with you all, but right now it just looks like a big untrimmed bush. Once it starts to bloom it will be a beautiful picture.

Tips on Gardening:

-Make sure to plant each bud a good amount of space apart. While they may look small now one they grow and start to fully bloom you will be surprised! Sometimes it even requires to grow it in a pot or else you will have a garden bed full of mint leaves.

-Always read the tag that comes in the dirt of the plant when you get it to make sure you are caring for it properly. Not all plants need the same care. While most plants like full sun, a lot can only take partial before they dry out.

-Use a trellis. It is important for plants such as Cucumber and Tomatoes to have a support system as they grow and fruit begins to form not only because it keeps the plant more stable, it protects your fruit from laying on the ground and rotting.

-Pruning. While I don't know much about pruning, it is important to keep an eye on your plants and see if you can cut off any extremities that might be taking away from the branches where fruit is blooming. I always look for branches that have no fruit and cut them off or a dead basil leave. This gives your plant the hint that it needs to pump nutrients to the important parts!

-Water, water, water! It is most important to keep your plants watered. Watch as you water your plants and see how they react. When you notice the water continually seeping into the dirt, it means your plant is still thirsty. When it starts to pool at the top, it's fully watered. Be conscious of the weather when watering; if it is going to rain, don't worry about watering your plants.

Here comes the hardest part...wait for your plants to grow and flower. The first few weeks I am anxiously checking my plants to see if they have bloomed. One I see a baby cucumber or a flower on my jalapeño plant, I relax and let them grow. It is so fulfilling to watch things grow from baby plants to fully bloomed produce. Check back next week for an update on everything is growing!

Do you have a garden? What are you growing? If you don't what would you want to pant?


  1. Looks beautiful! I'm so behind on my garden this year, I need to get planting!

  2. I can't wait to start a garden when I move later this year! I'll definitely be growing some herbs, and maybe a few other things beyond that. It would be so fun to grow my own tomatoes!

  3. Thanks for all the top gardening tips. I cant wait till spring either as I want to start my garden. I didnt manage to grow much last year but have been reading up about gardening over the winter and want to get my seeds planted a lot earlier this year. Hopefully they will do better. It's great to see other young people who like gardening.

    Norberto @ Thorburn Landscapes