Friday, May 8, 2015

Fresh Strawberry Recipes

When Strawberries are in season I can't get enough of them. I wait every year through all the cold months just to get to May because I know that beautiful red, ripe Strawberries arrive. Maybe my love of Strawberries comes from reading the book 'The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear.' It could also be that they are in season for the Month of May and that is also my Birthday month! Either way, every year I get together a list of all the Strawberry Recipes I want to make. Here are 6 of my favorite recipes around the web that I have on my list of Strawberry Recipes to make.

Strawberry Jalapeño + Strawberry Basil jam by Love and Olive Oil
For the past two years I have made some sort of Strawberry Jam and loved the results. I previously made Strawberry Peach and Strawberry Vanilla which were both bursting with Flavor. This year I wanted to take a step outside the flavor box and try something different. I love the flavor of Basil and how sweet it can be, but I also love the spicyness that the Jalapeño brings. I might not be able to decide between the two!

Strawberry Buttermilk Donuts + Strawberry Glaze by A Happy Food Dance
There is something about making your own donuts that always gets me. If you have never had an extremely fresh donut you are missing out! The added buttermilk in this recipes makes the donuts light and fluffy. You can be sure that if you make these for a crowd, there won't be any leftovers.

Strawberry Vinaigrette Spinach Salad by The Wetherills Say I Do
I love having fresh fruit to add to a salad. Having Strawberries paired with Spinach is absolutely delicious. Adding a Strawberry Vinaigrette to it takes it to a whole other level! I've never made a salad dressing that involved fruit, but when I saw this recipe I knew it was the right place to start. I have a feeling more of this dressing is going to end up in my mouth than on my salad!

Strawberry Ice Cream by Baked by Rachel
Every year I choose a handful of new Ice Cream Recipes to try. The Ice Cream attachment for my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer is my absolute favorite right now. It makes the process of making ice cream a whole lot easier. Homemade ice cream is also delicious if you have never tried it! It makes you wonder why you ever bought store made ice cream to begin with. I've never had Strawberry Ice Cream so I am super excited to put two of my favorite ingredients together to make this!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie by A Savory Feast
As much as I love to indulge in sweets, I know that it's important to have a healthy balance. Smoothies are my go to thing in the morning to get the extra fruits, veggies, and all the other good stuff in. I love that this recipe is a little bit of sweet and a whole lot of healthy. I know this is one smoothie that my coworkers are going to want to steal right off my desk!

Strawberry Mango Salsa by Damn Delicious
I have a love fest going on with fresh salsa right now. So much so that the next cook book I am reviewing is all about Salsa! I always associate Salsa with Summer because my Dad would always make this on a Sunday for when we were hanging out at the house. This recipe makes your mouth water just looking at it. A fresh fruit salsa is a great way to change things up for guests that are coming over or to enjoy yourself on a sunny day! I can't wait to make this and see how it comes out. I have a feeling this will be made many times this summer.

What are your favorite Strawberry Recipes? What fruit are you always excited to see come into season?


  1. are those photos from when you made these? They look yummy!

  2. That strawberry mango salsa looks amazing!

  3. It's not strwberry season yet in Quebec but I know I will eat a ton of them when it is!

  4. Omg that salsa though. I'm swooning - pinning!

  5. I love strawberries! The donuts and strawberry salsa looks awesome!

    stop by and chat | ♥

  6. Ooh, yes! This is the time of year when strawberries go down to as low as $1 a pound at my Meijer. I've recently been chopping and freezing them for my smoothies!

  7. Everything look sooooo good, especially the strawberry salsa! Great roundup!

  8. It is almost strawberry season here in PA! I can't wait to make all of these things! Fav fruit!!!

  9. Strawberries are my absolute favorite! Can't wait to give some of these a whirl.

    ​xo katie // a touch of teal

  10. Wow these all look so incredible...I can't decide which I want to try first! Definitely the jam and the mango salad, but the chocolate covered strawberry smoothie??? Um, YES.