Thursday, March 26, 2015

Handmade Birthday Cards

Living away from most of my family and friends makes it hard to celebrate all of the exciting things that happen throughout the year. One of the ways that I like to stay in touch is through snail mail. There is something exciting about waiting for the mail man to bring cards for Birthdays and Holidays. I love surprising my family and friends with small things to let them know I am thinking of them. What I love more than that is giving someone I care about a birthday card they did not expect.

I used to love going to the store to pick out birthday cards for my friends. Birthday cards are fancier than ever whether it being singing or designer and the prices are higher than ever. This year I wanted to give my family and friends Birthday Cards that were handmade. These cards not only allow you to personalize, but they are so fun to make and cost less than buying a card from the store.

What you need to make Handmade Washi Tape Birthday Cards:

-Blank Kraft Paper Cards & Envelopes
-Washi tape
-Craft Scissors (optional)
-Bakers Twine (optional)
-Sharpie Markers

Since I don't have the best handwriting, I put my cards through the printer and printed the words 'Happy Birthday' on the outside of the cards. Then all you have to do is let your imagination run wild. I made candles on cards and banners, mixing all the different colors and designs of Washi Tape I had. I loved being able to personalize all of my cards.

Another great part about making cards yourself is that if you take one day to make cards for everyone, you can put them in envelopes, address them and get them ready to mail. Each month I have a reminder set of who is celebrating a Birthday, and I can send the cards out accordingly. I love the convenience of not having to rush or remember to get a Birthday Card at the store, and then ultimately forgetting. I can't wait to see how excited everyone is to get a handmade card this year! Next I want to make Holiday Cards! I have seen so many great ideas for creating Easter Eggs and Christmas Trees.

How do you celebrate birthdays with friends and family who don't live close? Do you like to get Birthday Cards as they come up or get them ready ahead of time?


  1. This is the cutest idea ever!! I love arts and crafts like these. Simple but cute! and who doesn't like washi tape?! thanks for the idea! =)


  2. Love this! I hate buying store-made cards too, and I think the people receiving them really appreciate hand-made more anyway. Washi tape is such a cute and easy way to get cards made, even if there is little inspiration or artistic ability available. I love the tape patterns you use here!

  3. So smart! I absolutely adore Washi tape. It really is a crafter's best friend. Great post!

  4. So simple, but so cute! Love these cards!