Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Update // vol 2

1 Now that 2015 is here I am working harder than ever to make a plan and get healthy. I want some major lifestyle changes to happen which include clean eating, exercise and getting the toxins out of my body.

2 I signed up for my first book club with the Influence Network to read Make It Happen by Lara Casey! I can't wait to get my copy and dig in. I have seen so many people praising this book!

3 Last weekend I participated in a Chili Cook off with my church to raise money for the youth trip. Sadly I didn't win but they raised over $500 which is AMAZING! I am really hoping to find more ways to serve my church and community this year. Suggestions are welcome!

4 I recently watched the movie The Maze Runner and was thoroughly surprised. I did not have any initial interest in the movie, but I was instantly hooked. The best part? It's a book series with more movies to follow. Which reminds me that the second Divergent series movie, Insurgent, is only a couple months away. If you are looking for a movie to watch I highly recommend both of the above.

·· The most epic Pepsi Max commercial you will ever see.
·· I am obsessed with the Maroon 5 song 'Sugar', music video. Major swoon-fest!
·· Today is National Popcorn day. Check out my Pinterest Popcorn Board for creative recipes!

·· Finding Your Voice
·· Currently January
·· Meet & Greet Guest Post featuring my recipe for Tortilla Soup

Leave a comment and tell me a fun fact about your weekend!


  1. I'm SO looking forward to Insurgent. I haven't seen or read The Maze Runner but I want to! Make It Happen is on the list of books I want to buy!

  2. I loved this post. I wish you much success in your healthy lifestyle changes. I pray they are easy for you and you aren't overwhelmed with unrealistic goals or other people's standards. Book club = awesome! Um shoutot to you for doing a chili cook-off I'm sure it was AMAZING! And yes serving is sooo fulfilling! Oh and interesting fact about my week- On Sunday night I was at a friend's place and everyone was sleeping so I decided to watch a movie, I found the DVD "Definitely, maybe" laying around I saw that it was from the makers of Notting Hill and Love Actually so I HAD to pop it in! I watched it for about 5 minutes then my ride was ready to leave -_-