Saturday, December 6, 2014

-Currently December-

This weekend I am traveling back up to New Jersey to finish our move. It has been such a tiring process and once we get back, I am really looking forward to just relaxing. There is so much to catch up on when you are not connected to the world for a week. I feel like it is going to take a month to catch up on everything. Hopefully it doesn't take that long to find things when I am looking for them in the apartment!

making: my new apartment with my boyfriend feel like home and not just an empty space with white walls. Hopefully I can give an update on this next week where I can show you some progress. Right now it just looks like boxes and walls!

listening: I recently started listening to Ella Henderson and Sam Hunt so I have been alternating between their albums.

wrapping: More like unwrapping everything I own.

watching: Since we are without cable we have been watching DVDs. Tonight's selection is We Bought a Zoo which is a really cute movie where Matt Damon buys a Zoo. Go watch it. Like right now!

anticipating: Christmas! It is my favorite time of year and we won't be able to decorate really in the apartment so I am looking forward to going home where it is all decorated and I can spend time with family.


  1. Welcome to NC! I was just reading through the Peony Project comment thread and saw your blog. Hope you are getting settled. I'm from the other end of the state but I promise you will enjoy everything in NC :-)

  2. I hope the move has been going well! Thinking of you. :)

  3. Ok, We Bought a Zoo is the cutest movie ever! I watched it years ago, but I have been wanting to watch it again. I'll have to convince Andrew to watch it with me soon.

    Thanks for joining us for Hump Day Happenings! Best of luck with your unpacking. I hope it goes smoothly.