Friday, October 3, 2014

Must Have Mugs

I usually reserve drinking warm beverages out of a mug, until it is actually cold outside. It gets too hot too early in North Carolina, to sit outside in the morning and drink a hot cup of coffee or tea. Instead I drink a nice iced coffee, which you have probably seen, out of a mason jar. However, now with the weather changing, there are cool mornings and I LOVE smelling the fresh air and taking a moment to wake up while I sit in the patio, and even spending a cozy morning in bed with a hot cup of tea. The one thing I love more than what I am drinking, is what I am drinking it out of.

from left to right clockwise: 1//2//3//4

Most of the time I like to keep everything uniform in the Kitchen, but I feel like mugs have the same personality as shirts. You should be able to pick one that goes with your mood in the morning. If you ask my Grandma however, she is content with using the same mug every day because "it is just a cup." Do you think of your mug as a reflection on the day or just another cup to drink out of?


  1. I love cute mugs like this! You have good taste. I've seen some really cute mugs on Etsy lately.

  2. Thanks girl! I have too- I think I spent like all my free time on Etsy this week. I just keep finding so many amazing things!