Thursday, October 2, 2014

Community Brew Vol. 3

I completely missed the boat on the Community Brew Link up a couple weeks ago, but I still wanted to keep up with the prompts. We also have been talking a lot about Gratitude in church lately, so I wanted to finish that series before I shared my thoughts. Until recently it had not occurred to me to be thankful to God. It was always sort of a general thank you. That is until in my small group we started talking about giving Glory to God, and living for Him not ourselves. With that, I realized that I spend so much time focusing on what I don't have or don't do, instead of praising him for what he has blessed me with and to continue to follow in His ways.

community brew link up

Colossians 2:6-7
Psalms 136:1
What has the Lord done in your life that you should be grateful for?
What are some practical ways to express gratitude?

A couple months ago, I had reached out to my pastor and asked him what I could do to feel more connected to the church and his teaching. He encouraged me to get connected into a small group. If you had asked me that day, I would have said that I hear the words, but don't have the faith. Since then, I have completed my first series in small group, joined the church's Women's Bible Study Group, and am now following along with the She Reads Truth series. Now, I see where having faith can take you and how it can strengthen your relationship with God. I have never felt more connected to my faith in all my life.

While I have always been thankful, He is giving me so many reasons lately to be more grateful. I can't help but think that He has led me to this wonderful place I am at now. While I have not achieved all of the goals I have for myself, and am still struggling, I know that He has put me in this place to learn and grow. I am most thankful for my renewed Faith, which has led me to everything else that I am thankful for. I am thankful for the new friends I have met through church, and the wonderful bond I am able to share with them, but also for my other friendships as they have been strengthened. I am thankful for the opportunity to take a deep breath, to 'figure my life out', as it is encouraging me and motivating me to push forward.

A lot of times, I think people are too busy to stop and take a moment to express gratitude even in the smallest of ways. Lately, I have been making a point to always say thank you when someone does something. Whether it be when I am asking for something at a restaurant, or even a wave of the hand when someone lets me cut into traffic with my car. I also am taking the time to tell people that I am thankful for them and what they mean to me. I would be lying if I sat here and said I know how to express my gratitude to God. What I can tell you is that, I always make sure that when I pray, I tell Him what I am thankful for instead of just asking him to do things for me.

The Community Brew link-up is brought to you by Madison of Wetherill's Say I Do and Rachel of Oh Simple Thoughts. Stop by and read their thought's on Gratitude!

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