Sunday, September 7, 2014

-Currently September-

Happy September ya'll! I am a week overdue, I know, but sometimes you just need to step back and take a deep breath. Instead of spending a post recapping my time away, I figured it would be a nice foot forward to link-up with some great gals for this awesome series! Stop by and say hello to Jenna of Dearest Love and Anne of Anne in Residence to see what they are currently into.

writing: blog posts, blog posts, blog posts. Time to saddle up as we move into Fall. Expect lots of posts to be written while drinking PSL's and eating Pumpkin Bread.

anticipating: my next trip up to New Jersey in a few weeks to celebrate one best friend's engagement and also to celebrate another best friend's first house purchase.

missing: all of my guilty pleasure TV Shows. Can't wait for the Fall series premieres. What shows are you looking forward to? Personally I am excited for Shonda-land Thursday's with Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and the new show How to Get Away With Murder.

wearing: one of my boyfriends shirts obsessively because being apart right now is treacherous and I will take anything I can get to make me feel closer to him. Besides, who doesn't love a comfy, soft, oversized t-shirt.

craving: salt and vinegar kale chips! I saw an episode of Real Girl's Kitchen last night and was drooling over this idea. I've made kale chips before but not with a salt and vinegar flavor, which if you don't know is my absolute favorite flavor.


  1. I'm excited for Fall, too! I've got some pumpkin recipes I'm going to test out this week.

  2. I think a LOT of people amp up the blog posts when fall gets here. HOORAY! I'm okay with that. haha

  3. I feel ya on the blog post writing!! It's so much better to write them while sipping a yummy latte. Mmm!
    thanks so much for linking up with us!

  4. Ooh, we love kale chips but have never tried with salt/vinegar. Definitely will next time! Thanks for the suggestion and for linking up.

    1. I haven't tried kale chips that way either, but it sounds tasty! I'm all for a healthy replacement for salt and vinegar chips.