Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Community Brew Vol. 1

When you are young, it is only fitting to follow in the footsteps of your parents. They dictate where you go, what you do, and what you should believe. I became part of the Catholic Church, because that is what my parents wanted. I would go to CCD, because that is what my mother told me to do, but never fully understood it. I found myself questioning all of the rules and rituals that were part of getting confirmed. Once it was over, so was my belief in having a religion. I call myself a Catholic, because that is what I am, but at this point in my life it is a just a name and not a lifestyle that I choose to follow.

I moved to NC almost a year ago and started attending Grace Church, mostly because my uncle went and the band was good. It was all very new to me, but very welcoming and comforting. Fast forward to today, a year later, and I look forward to going to church on Sunday's because I am learning about how to improve myself and my life through Christianity.
community brew link up
I am really excited to linkup with Madison of Wetherills Say I Do and Rachel of Oh Simple Thoughts as I continue my journey on learning about faith.
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
What does community mean to you?
Why is it hard to pursue community or open up to others?
What does it look like to "live in community" with other believers and non believers?
Why is community important to you?
What does it look like to love your neighbor?

For me community is having a group of people who I am able to connect with. I have always been the type of person to hold friendships and relationships closest to my heart. I love the chance to be able to lift someone up when they are feeling down while being surrounded by others who would do the same for me. This has not always been the easiest thing to manage though as I have lost friends over the years, but I honestly believe that those friendships that are meant to stay together, will.

I am also learning a lot about community as I spend more time getting to know the men and women at the church I attend. After worship and before the sermon, there is always a meet and greet where you walk around and have the opportunity to catch up with someone or meet someone new. At first I was always keeping to myself and looking busy so that no one would come over and talk to me because I was not sure what I would say. While I still am not the one to get up and walk around, I have been more open to getting to know everyone.
It is hard for me to open up to others as I worry about being judged. I believe this has a lot do with how I was raised and the people that I was surrounded by. Learning that others are not quick to judge has helped me a lot. Also, being able to connect with some new friends, I am learning about how wonderful it can be to open up to people. The reason I started blogging to begin with was because I was so inspired by what I was reading, that I wanted to be a part of that community. A place where I could openly express my thoughts and connect with other people like me.

One thing I have found is that two is better than one. It is much better to go through life with someone than to go it alone. It is very important to me to be ale to talk to someone and open up about how I am feeling and what I am going through. It is too much of a burden to bare on one pair of shoulders.

I look forward to connecting with everyone and growing my community as I continue meeting new people.


  1. This is awesome! Glad you have found a church to call home where you can get to know people. This was really encouraging and I enjoyed reading it.

    1. I am so glad that you are able to connect with it!

  2. Enjoyed reading your comments on community. It IS hard to be the one to open up and be transparent, isn't it? I totally feel ya- I'd much rather pretend to be preoccupied so nobody would come up and talk to me, than go up and talk to somebody, yet I totally crave the intimacy of community. I wish it were as easy at it was in kindergarten: just meet someone, agree to be friends, and that was that! Ha! Life as an adult is just so much more complicated...

    1. Adult life is absolutely more complicated. I am learning how to navigate just having an open mind and think that things will positive instead of worrying about all of the things that could go wrong when it comes to meeting new people. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Love this post sweet friend! I am so happy that you have started to find a community within your church. I know putting yourself out there can be such a vulnerable place to be but it's so worth it!

    1. I am too, it has already started to be rewarding for me as I am meeting people there, but also meeting people like yourself through the blogging community that I can connect with on a new level.

  4. Praise the Lord that he meets us where we are and always richly provides for us! Thanks so much for linking up with us and participating in this sweet community!