Thursday, October 18, 2012

Welcomes All Around

First post here it goes...

Welcome to Like.Luck.Love.!

For the longest time I have been following blogs and watching young women with these amazing stories, projects, and ideas and it never really dawned on me to start my own until now. I guess this comes from finding myself looking for something more than this everyday life I live. More so that I want to share all of these thoughts and ideas of my own with you...(that is if you are reading this).

Here are a few key things you should know about me:

*Pink is my favorite color
*Turning 25 feels a lot older than I thought it would
*Music is as necessary as air for me to get through my day
*I work in the world of Marketing
*Baking and Cooking are my favorite thing to do
*GO NYJets, NY Yankees, NJ Devils, Jeff Gordon, UNC Tar Heels & Alabama Crimson Tide!

I look forward to sharing a little bit of me with all of you.

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